Beach Party in Vietnam
Ship at pier in Vietnam

We Really got close to the beach!!

Close BeachFiring
At times we were only a 
  few hundred or less feet from the shore.

Up the Rivers in Vietnam
and they were narrow at times

That is Weaver on DeLong Pier at Cam Rahn Bay
Delong Pier at Cam Rahn Bay.  We went ashore here.
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These are from old Super 8 movies.
documenting beach parties in Vietnam,
walking on the pier and shore, agent
orange spraying, etc

Postcard mailed from Cam Rahn Bay ( shore ) by WR shipmate.

Rear Admiral William Carlson, Capt. of the White River, will write a personnel letter for any shipmate who needs help with the VA proving ao exposure.  Contact me and I will send you his email address and home address as needed.


Captain James F. Jordan, USN, Retired

164 Hunters Mill Lane

Evington, VA 24550

434 534-6863

1 August 2006

From: Captain James F. Jordan, USN, Retired

To: Veterans Administration

To Whom It May Concern

Subject: Presence of USS White River LSMR-536/ designated LFR-536 after 1 January 1969 in ports of the Republic of Vietnam During my tenure as Commanding Officer.

The USS White River was in port on the following listed dates and places:

Cam Rahn Bay     An Thoi

27 -28 Mar 68     15 May 69

3-4 April 68     17 May 69

13-14 April 68

19-20 April 68

25-26 April 68

18 June 68

24-25 June 68 

3-5 July 68

13-14 July 68

28-29 Nov 68

7-10 Dec 68

3-4 Jan 69

30-31 Jan 69

14-15 Feb 69

8-11 May 69

21-22 May 69

13 June 69

During these routine port visits we moored at a pier for fueling operations, repair work and routine supply functions. All personnel would get ashore for recreation or personal business. Agent Orange was used throughout Vietnam and we were often near the areas sprayed.

The ship was in the area and provided close gunfire support during Agent Orange Spraying Operations in the Bo De River Mouth on 5 December 1968. The ship entered this area again on 8 Feb 69 in support of Swift Boat and MSF Operations.

I may be contacted at:

164 Hunters Mill Lane

Evington VA 24551

434 534-6863

James F. Jordan,

Captain USN, Retired

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